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Private, Anonymous Numbered Accounts, Virtual Safe Deposit Box Service

Vault8 Token

Privacy, No Personal Information Collected

Your Account is by number only, not a name, no personal information is required to open a safe deposit box. Store any listed cryptocurrency. Access anywhere in the world at any time; let others view what is in your safe deposit box, without giving out your account information. Our proprietary, patent pending system lets you do this at anytime, anywhere.

We are not an exchange, nor do we buy or sell cryptocurrency directly. Your cryptocurrency is safe, secure and your privacy is ensured. We are the Swiss Banking Numbered Accounts for the 21st century. As the Swiss Bank accounts were anonymous numbered accounts, so are Vault8 Accounts.

Vault8 - We are the Fat Cats

We are the First & Largest Safe Deposit Box Service for Cryptocurrency. We are the Fat Cats

Who we are is very simple. Vault8 does not have a physical office, we have no conference rooms, no desks, not even a coffee maker. We are a Virtual company. Our website is just a portal to our services, a ledger. No cryptocurrency is stored, received or sent from our website.

What can we say, we are the first ever to offer Private, Anonymous, Numbered Account, Safe Deposit Boxes for Cryptocurrency. Our premise was to offer services that no one has done before and we did it. We looked into the future and this is what we saw, Vault8. Unlike other companies we did not build Vault8 to collect your information.

Vault8 Fat Cat
Vault8 - Security

Vault8 website transactions are secured by SSL 256 bit Encryption, 2048 bit signatures. SSL technology ensures that all data transmitted between the web server, browser email and client remains encrypted. Bitcoin is stored in secure cold wallets not within website.





Vault8 Credit & Debit Card

Vault8 Credit & Debit Card

Vault8 Credit Card Apply Today

Vault8 Credit Card. With Credit lines from $1,000 to $25,000. This is not a secured card. There is no qualifying or credit check. It does not matter what your credit is. Your card comes embossed with your Vault8 Member Account #. When you apply you enter your Member # if you do not have a Free Vault8 Account one will be created for you when you apply.


The Vault8 Debit Card is coming soon. You will be able to use it anywhere Major Credit Cards are accepted. There is no qualifying. Your Vault8 cryptocurrency balance for Bitcoin is used as the funding for the debit card. Nothing to exchange, no buying and selling of bitcoin. Use it as a normal debit card.

Vault8 - Services

Vault8 has many services for its members from within their member accounts.

Transfer between Vault8 Accounts without risk or loss. Your accounts or other member accounts.

Bitcoin Loans from your Account. No personal information or credit required.
Buy & Sell Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin without Risk. Fund

Authorized Agents to buy, sell, finance the purchase of and rent bitcoin. No credit, presonal information, or collateral required.
Protect your Cryptocurrency and Personal Information from everyone.

Become Invisible -Protect your Cryptocurrency and Personal Information from everyone.
Deposit any type of Cryptocurrency into your Vault8 Safe Deposit Box. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Litecoin and hundres of others.

Deposit hard currency (fiat) into your Vault8 account and it auto converts to Vault8 Virtual Tokens. Withdraw in Fiat anywhere in the world

Deposits & Withdrawals

Depositing & Withdrawing is simple and can be done in any Cryptocurrency & Fiat Around the Globe

Deposits. You can make a deposit anytime in any cryptocurrency that is listed with Vault8. You can make deposits in Fiat (cash) through Authorized agents and locations around the globe. The minimum amount to deposit is $10 USD there is no maximum amount. All transactions are peer to peer.

Withdrawals. You can withdraw from your Vault8 account at any time. In the same cryptocurrency you deposited. If you deposited in Fiat (cash) it was automatically converted to Vault8 Tokens. When you withdraw them, they auto convert to the Fiat (cash) of your choice. You can also convert your cryptocurrency within your account. Withdrawals are made anywhere in the world. Coming soon, ATM & debit card withdrawals.

Vault8 Fat Cat
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