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Bitcoin, Ethereum, Altcoin, Vault8 Tokens, Ripple, Litecoin, Dash, EOS & More Cryptocurrencies

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Private Anonymous Numbered Account

Vault8 Digital Safe Deposit Boxes

Private, Anonymous Numbered Accounts, Digital Safe Deposit Boxes. Your Account is by number only, not a name, no personal information is required to open a safe deposit box. Store any digital item, cryptocurrency, digital documents and other digital items. Access them anywhere in the world at any time; let others view what is in your safe deposit box, without being able to take them.


Our proprietary, patent pending system lets you do this at anytime, anywhere. All under the cover of a numbered account. Deposit Bitcoin from your wallet into your safe deposit box and transfer it out to another wallet you have or to someone else's wallet. You can give permission for anyone you choose to verify and see what is in your safe deposit box at any time.

Cryptocurrency Safe Deposit Boxes


Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Litecoin and a thousand other Cryptocurrencies today. Bitcoin started a decentralized currency, no name, no banks; your privacy ensured. We are not an exchange, nor do we buy or sell cryptocurrency. We are a private digital safe deposit box service for your cryptocurrency. Your cryptocurrency is safe, secure and your privacy is ensured.


Your account is numbered with no personal information required. We are the Swiss Banking Numbered Accounts for the 21st century. As the Swiss Bank accounts were anonymous, our Digital, Virtual Safe Deposit Boxes are also. We will never ask for any personal information. All contact with you is made through the account message service, that only you can use.

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About Vault8

Who We Are and What We Do

Who we are is very simple. Vault8 does not have a physical office, we have no conference rooms, no desks, not even a coffee maker. We are a “Virtual” company. Our website is just a portal to our services. No cryptocurrency or any anything else is received or sent from our website.


We offer private digital safe deposit boxes. Our patent pending system offers account holders peer to peer services along with their safe deposit boxes. Simply we offer our services and are paid a fee for it. That’s it. We are not an exchange, brokerage or financial service company. We do not buy or sell any cryptocurrency; nor are we a lender.


Your Privacy is our business; we are a private service company. We are private so you can stay private. We never give out your information as we do not collect any of your information.

Vault8, We are the Fat Cats

We are the 1st Company to offer Private Numbered Safe Deposit Boxes for Cryptocurrency

We will say it again, we are the Fat Cats. What can we say, we are the first ever to offer Private Numbered Safe Deposit Boxes for Cryptocurrency. Our premise was to offer services that no one has done before and we did it. We looked into the future and this is what we saw, Vault8. Unlike other companies we didn’t build Vault8 to collect your information, to know everything you do or where you spend your money or anything else about you. They did that to sell your information, sell your identity and keep track of you.


We are different and it shows. You have bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, great. Want to keep it safe until you need it. Perfect. You don’t want to let everyone know where it is or where it is going, we say sure. You have cash or other assets you want to place in your digital safe deposit box without their value changing. That is what Vault8 tokens are for. Need a quick short term loan, got cryptocurrency, don’t want to fill out loan applications and give all your personal information, we say no problem. We do not get into your business, ours is to give you a service for a fair price. That’s it. We give you security in an unsecure world.

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Vault8 Digital Tokens

Vault8 Digital Tokens Fixed Value

Vault8 Digital Tokens are digital tokens used for internal asset based tokens. The best way to describe the use of Vault8 Digital Tokens by example would be a person who has hard currency like Chinese Yuan and wants to deposit it into their Vault8 Digital Safe Deposit Box. The Chinese Yuan are converted to Vault8 Digital Tokens in the value of the Yuan that day. When they are ready to take the tokens out of their digital safe deposit box; the Vault8 Tokens can be converted to USD or Yuan or Gold or Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. They may withdraw it anywhere in the world. It does not matter if the original Yuan go up or down in price, the Vault8 Tokens stay at their original fixed value.

Vault8 Digital Tokens Cash in Cash out

The Use of Vault8 Digital Tokens is Limitless

Any type of currency hard or cryptocurrency can be converted to Vault8 Tokens. When you with draw your items from your safe deposit box, the Vault8 Tokens are converted to any cryptocurrency or hard currency you choose. Need to transfer part of your currency to another person. Simply transfer them to another persons safe deposit box with Vault8. Vault8 Token - Symbol VLT8 Etherscan Verified, Address 0x62bde95dac7324a1446c8280d6c9d1e9048bb3ba

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Vault8 Cryptocurrrency Loans

Loans on your Cryptocurrency in your Safe Deposit Box

Safe Deposit Box account holders can use their bitcoin or other cryptocurrency as collateral for loans. No personal information is needed, no loan application or qualifying is required. The cryptocurrency you have in your private numbered safe deposit box is all you need to get a loan. These are short term (as little as 1 to 12 months). Pay them off anytime. There is no interest. The lender charges a flat fee to make you the loan.


The normal terms for a cryptocurrency loan are pretty plain to understand, no fine print. You give no personal information. The term 1 to 12 months. The average is 3 months. You put up your cryptocurrency as collateral. For example: 50 bitcoin. Your loan term 3 months. The loan amount (50% on average of the cryptocurrency value). The lender fee 10% of the loan amount. That’s it. Quick, easy, no qualifying.


Step 1, log into your account. Step 2. Click on the loan tab and submit loan by filling out only a couple of items on the form. (Select your cryptocurrency from the drop down, select the term for the loan and how much money you want to borrow.) Step 3. A peer lender will fund your loan. Step 4. A hold is placed on your cryptocurrency until loan paid off. Step 5. We transfer the funds in the form of Vault8 Tokens into your own Virtual Safe Deposit Box account. Step 6. Withdraw them in any currency that you want.

Vault8 Peer to Peer Lenders

Secure a loan on any CryptoCurrency Asset you Have in your Virtual Safe Deposit Box

Lenders are other, private numbered safe deposit box holders. These are peer to peer loans. It is very easy to get a loan. All you need is a lender account, a numbered safe deposit box account and some bitcoin or other currency in your safe deposit box.


Become a lender and enjoy the benefits. You make a flat fee on ever loan you make. Your loan is usually no more than 50% of the cryptocurrency’s value. There is minimal risk and it is short term. If the borrower pays, you make money, if the borrower defaults the cryptocurrency is transferred into your own safe deposit box. It is truly a win, win. There is a hold on the cryptocurrency in the borrows safe deposit box until the loan is paid off or it is transferred to you.

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Investing with us at Vault8

Invest thorugh a Free Investor Account

In plain terms, a safe deposit box holder’s investment is increased by a multiplier, the multiplier is based upon the amount that is invested. The multipliers may change at any time for new investors but is set once an investment is made. For current multipliers see the rates in your Investor Account.


You invest with Vault8 Tokens from your Safe deposit Box. You must have Vault8 Tokens in your Investor Safe Deposit Box.


INVESTMENT EXAMPLE: A safe deposit box holder invests 25,000 ($25,000 USD) vault8 tokens. Their account is credited with 75,000 ($75,000 USD) Vault8 tokens immediately. (3X multiplier) The “Term” of the investment is 12 months until the investment can be withdrawn. They may borrow against their Vault8 Tokens after 90 days, up to 50%. The loan if taken has to be 12 months.

Vault8 a New Direction in Investing

A new road to investing in the future

We say investing with us, as this is not an offering to sell stock, or any other security instrument in our company. You are teaming with us to help us grow vault8. We are not looking for startup or angel investors. We are a fee based virtual business. We do not buy, sell or exchange cryptocurrency. Anyone wanting to invest with us must have an Investor Safe Deposit Box Account. Investing is made from their own safe deposit box. You use Vault8 Tokens in your safe deposit box to invest with.


Vault8 is growing and we want you to grow with us financially. There is no big secret here, no get rich quick program. This is basic debt funding for our company. Think of investing with us as a loan you get a set amount from; but you share in the growth of Vault8 with us. When we grow your financial investment with us grows. You receive Vault8 Tokens when you invest for the same amount you put in and you are given more Vault8 Tokens at a set amount in the future. Today a Vault8 Token is equal to $1 USD. This is based on the actual rate we convert any asset to, bitcoin, ethereum, gold or even currency or any other cryptocurrency or asset you have in your safe deposit box.


Your investment grows in 4 ways. 1: Your investment amount is credited 3 times what you deposited; 2: Dividends, you receive part of the profits; 3: The value of Vault8 Tokens can go up.

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Getting Started

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Click Register on main page

Fill out the simple form on Vault8 for either a Cryptocurrency safe Depoist Box or a Digital Safe Deposit Box

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Open a Numbered VAULT8 Safe Deposit Box Account

Protect your Cryptocurrency and digital assets and Personal Information from everyone.

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Around the Globe

Deposit, Move and Transfer your Vault8 Safe Deposit Box Assets Anywhere, Anytime 24/7, 365.

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Instant Access

Stay informed of your Digital Assets and Cryptocurrencies in your Vault8 safe Deposit Box.

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Any Cryptocurrency

Deposit any type of Cryptocurrency into your Vault8 Safe Deposit Box. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Litecoin and hundres of others.

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Vault8 Digital Tokens

Deposit hard currency into your Vault8 safe deposit box by buying Vault8 Digital Tokens. Take out your Vault8 tokens at anytime in any type of Cryptocurrency or hard currency you want. Anywhere in the world


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